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Films Written and Directed by Robert Asencio

Kristie, a woman in a sea of despair, longs for her love, friend, and soulmate Gabriel. She calls to him from the real world and beyond. Gabriel's sudden arrival and the gift he bestows upon her leaves her enlightened and cured from the heartache she carried within.

Troubled by her dreadful thoughts, Sandra travels through dreamlike vignettes where she comes face to face with her anxieties. During these episodes, she undergoes numerous emotions that are both healing and traumatic. Although she is convinced no remedy exists. She desperately hopes a glimmer of light will cleanse the darkness she feels inside.

Two friends hanging out, one fighting to stay awake, the other contemplating the fragile nature of life due to the loss of his wallet at a concert.

A sonic and visual storytelling of the ritualistic steps one must take in order to shed the skin of their traumatic past and be reborn.

A lost man struggling to stay in the light travels in and out of dreams in hopes to find peace.

An Inmate confesses his sin in the hope of being forgiven.

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